Craig Metz, M.S.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

The Power of Discomfort

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Comfort is great. We all want and need it. What’s not to like? But we do not always sing the praises of being uncomfortable and that is a shame because discomfort can be the greatest thing in the world. It is often at those places in our lives where we are uncomfortable that we are pushing the boundaries of our life and initiating growth. Perhaps none of us would wish to be constantly uncomfortable, but living a life that is too small for us is worse.

Comfort Overrated

In fact, comfort is overrated. Sure, a life devoid of all comfort would be barren and bleak, but comfort is its own prison. People that seek comfort above all else miss out on the best things in life. When you climb up the hill to see it, the ... Read More

The Gift of Symptoms

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The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ~Rumi

Most of us have problems or issues. We might have mental health symptoms or even a disorder or a mental illness. Nevertheless, I maintain that the things that we usually call our problems might be properly called gifts. How can something like anxiety, depression, shame, addiction or explosive anger be seen as something positive? It certainly is true that a great deal of suffering can and often does result from these and other issues and most of us, understandably, feel that the greater the distance ... Read More

Touching the Void – Working with Difficult Feelings

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Difficult Feelings

Most of us tend to shrink away from feelings such as fear, dread, anxiety, depression, shame, despair, guilt, sadness and anger. And why not? These are hard feelings. If we ignore then or distract ourselves, new feelings seem to take the place of these “hard”ones and we can move on. Who wants to be morbid and sad? In fact, for most of us it is not really a choice, right? Have you noticed that you often just recoil from these ... Read More